The multiverse consists of four different layers of planes. The innermost layers are said to be the closest to The Roiling Energies of Creation which is believed to exist in the center of the multiverse. Planes will gather into Clusters, causing them to overlap, or just be particularly easy to travel between.

Exterior Planes

The Exterior are the most stable. While each plane may have a different set of laws, the laws of physics tend to hold steady. Influencing one’s will on the plane usually requires magic of some-sort.

The Prime Cluster

The The Prime Cluster is a grouping of planes that are so closely connected that stable long-term portals can and have been made. Inter-planar commerce exists between some, such as Dael and Makron. Other planes, have different relations to one another.

Other Exterior Planes

The other Exterior Planes have the same attributes as the others, but they are not so easily connected. Long-term portals cannot be established, and people need to use their own magic to traverse between them.

Median Planes

Malleable changing planes. People usually can force a minor degree of control over the laws of physics, but not much.

Interior Planes

These planes defy the laws of physics and logic entirely. Most things that exist here defy logic such as Lovecraftian horrors or beings that exist purely as concepts.

Peripheral Planes

These planes are mostly theorized, and few if any have actually traveled to them. They are strange places that tend to hold a significant function to the rest of the multiverse.


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